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Moving to a new place is always stressful. And when you plan an interstate move, the stress level is just above the roof and can be overwhelming. 

You have to plan so many things, including moving your stuff, the new address, the place, and so many things in between. It’s indeed challenging, and you need a guide to help you connect the dots and make this move a smooth transition for you and your family. 

Here is an in-depth guide and a few tips to plan your interstate moving the right way and keep the panic at bay.

Plan out where you are going to live

Let’s be honest! The biggest challenge with interstate moves is to find a place in the new state. Since you are new to the area, you can’t even go on house hunting all by yourself. You can help a local agent help you find a property and guide you in the right direction. Keep an eye for rental scams!

Our advice would be to start off the search early and research various options. Allow yourself the time to make a decision and choose a secure place in the new state. Don’t just go by the words of any agent. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. Always choose agents that have a reputation and work with a real estate agency. 

Note: It’s good to opt for short term rentals rather than permanent residents. You can change them anytime you want!

Plan a moving budget

It’s a no brainer to know that interstate moving is a costly affair. There are so many expenses that you need to dig into. Therefore, before any planning, you must take a step back and plan your budget before the move. You can use this moving cost estimator for a quick calculation. We are not saying that planning will help you reduce the expenses, but it will give you a structure to make sure you are not surprised by any unwelcome expenses.

Don’t forget to add the additional costs in your budget to determine the gross total. These costs include:

  • Travel costs
  • Storage fees
  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies 
  • Liability Insurance 

These costs are like mandated that you cannot prepare a moving budget without. The more the items, the higher the costs. Hire Interstate Movers Melbourne to get the best interstate moving services at the most affordable rates. 

NOTE: To cut down on the interstate move costs, try to donate or sell items that you will no longer use. This will help you plan the budget more efficiently.

Suss out Transport Logistics

Are you planning to undertake the move by yourself? Or are you thinking of hiring a professional mover to help you move your stuff to the new place? This decision helps determine your moving budget and how much price you are willing to spend on the move. 

The average interstate move price is $4,890 (depending on the belongings and the time of move). However, if you hire premium yet affordable moving companies like Top Gun Movers, you can get this deal as low as $ 1800. That saves a lot of money. 

NOTE: You can also opt for moving containers that are less expensive than hiring a moving company. 

Organize a packing plan!

Unless you want to struggle through packing at the last minute of the move, you must always have a packing plan in place before you are ready to hit the road. 

Before the moving day, you must ensure that everything is packed the right way, and you have taken care of all the belongings that you are ready to get rid of.

Moreover, you can’t just toss everything into boxes and be done with your packing spree. You need proper packing essentials to pack your items. You can either take the help from the professional movers you have hired or ask your friends to help you. 

Note: Always mark the boxes with the items included inside it. It will help you find them quickly rather than open all the sealed boxes and look for it. 

Arrange the utilities

Before you leave your old place, you need to make arrangements to cancel the existing utilities and set up new ones at the new place. When it comes to intestate move, transferring the utilities can be a bit complicated. Therefore, you must do your basic research to know what you can transfer and what you need to cancel and restart. 

If you’re not sure about it, don’t hesitate to talk to the new property’s real estate agent or the soon-to-be-landlord about the essential utilities that you will need at the new place. Call the existing utility company and let them know about the move’s date to cancel the services. 

Whatever you choose to do, you must make some cost comparison before overspending on the utilities. 

Inform the post office

Since you are shifting to a new place, you must let the post office know about your address change. Undertake this step before the move so that all the important mails get delivered to your new address.

Along with informing the post office, you must notify the bank, the insurance providers, and the credit card company about your move. Don’t forget your family and friends!

Get a new drivers’ license and revise your vehicle registrations

Now you are already in the new state, and you still have a few things to be taken care of. This includes updating your driver’s license and the vehicle registration after establishing residency. 

Talk to the new state’s experts to get all the paperwork done the right way and become an official resident of the new state. 

Quick tips for the interstate move!

Check whether your employer offers relocation assistance

  • Research to find some good schools
  • Research your neighbours
  • Know how to get around
  • Have a job lined up
  • Use google street view to check things out.
  • Sell, donate, thrash!
  • Read the move policies (if you are hiring professional companies)
  • Have an emergency fund set aside.
  • Know how long the move will take 
  • Be mindful!
  • Go out and meet new people. 

Moving soon?

Are you planning an interstate move soon? Worry not! Hire Interstate Movers Melbourne today and allow experts to take care of the move. Take full advantage of this article and make sure you use it the right way at the right time. 

Hope you find this article helpful! Thanks for reading!