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House Removalist Melbourne

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Trusted and Budget-Friendly House Removalists in Melbourne to Take Care of Your Moving

Your house move & our customised service, a perfect complement!

TopGun Movers are the best and affordable house removalists, Melbourne moving company. Local moves or interstate, we tailor a bespoke moving plan to suit the size of your home, the volume of valuables, and timelines. We ensure that everything runs like clockwork and shoulder a significant part of the relocation journey. Whatever the size of your home, we have effective moving equipment, dollies, and trolleys to shift valuables with precision so that you get the most lovely Melbourne House removalists. We are Backed by a professional team and various sophisticated trucks, and we aim for expert moving services at the lowest prices. We understand that life doesn’t stand still, just because relocation is on the cards. So, we are flexible and ready to pack and move your valuables as per your specifications and timelines.

We are 100% dedicated to providing the best professional and competitive house removalist in Melbourne to ensure you have a hassle-free move.

For the best house removalists moving company in Melbourne, please contact us on 1300 214 396 and get free quotes and discuss your moving requirements.

 Learn The Way Of TOPGUN MOVERS to Get The Best and Affordable House Removalists in Melbourne!

Once we have a customised moving plan in place, we arrive with a suitable vehicle and set about making your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. We come well before time, and

  1. Pack your valuables with specially sourced custom packing supplies.
  2. Inspect furniture and fixtures to check for damages and sturdiness. With appropriate tools, we dismantle large furniture for easy moving, wrap individual parts securely and set them aside for the move.
  3. Lift, shift and move all your possessions to the transit truck without any damages to the items or the premises.
  4. Optimise truck space, and arrange them securely for safe transport.
  5. Unload, unpack and place them in your new abode.
  6. Offer 24/7 customer service to address all your queries and concerns promptly. Yor are kept in the loop at every step of the moving process.

Why Choose TopGun Movers as Your House Removalists in Melbourne?

You always require a passionate and energetic team to convert your hectic moving process into a hassle-free shifting experience, and Guess what? TopGun Movers have everything that you are looking for.

  1. Professional Packaging
  2. You are always concerned about the safety of your belongings. We at TopGun Movers provide you with professional and high-quality packaging so that your belongings get better security. By providing trustworthy and satisfying outcomes in the past, we are known as the leading house removalists. So, are you planning to move to a new place? Choose TopGun Movers as your moving partner and get exceptional advantages.

  3. On-Time and Faster Services
  4. We love working around the schedule you have suggested. Our highly experienced team always reaches on time and delivers you exceptional outcomes according to your requirements. As the best house removalists in Melbourne, we always feel proud of offering our customer professional house removal services.

  5. Insurance
  6. While moving the belongings from one place to another, insurance is the essential feature that you look for. We at TopGun Movers provide you full insurance for all the belongings so that your stuff will reach the destination safely. If you are looking for a professional moving house Melbourne removalists, then choosing TopGun Movers is the best choice you should go with.

Are you looking for the best and affordable house removalists in Melbourne? If yes, TopGun Movers is here to provide you with professional Melbourne house removalists to get the best and safe moving outcomes. For the best house removalists moving company in Melbourne, please contact us on 1300 214 396 and get free quotes and discuss your moving requirements.

Enjoy a stress free house move, with the best house removalists in Melbourne

Packing Valuables

We formulate a step by step packing plan. After securing your important documents, we prioritise fragile and breakable items next. Working in batches, our team can secure your valuables and get them ready for the move, using custom packing solutions. We ensure the highest levels of safety for your valuables.


We have public liability insurance and transit insurance in place, to offer you complete peace of mind. Though we offer the highest level of care, damages and accidents beyond our control might happen. Our team can guide you on getting a comprehensive insurance cover to protect your move.

Flexible service

We are happy to work around your work schedule. On advance notice, we offer after hours or overnight packing service. Depending on the volume of valuables and the destination, we can start a week in advance or on the day of move. Either way, we let you choose the pace of the move.


When you are shifting your home, you might require interim or periodic storage, till your valuables reach your new premises. Our warehouses are situated all over Australia. Our storage bays are spacious, manned 24/7 and fitted with CCTV, fire alarms and temperature control systems. We can help you by devising an optimal storage and delivery plan.

Furniture removals

We ensure safe removals of your furniture and fixtures, using an array of tools and equipment. We dismantle large furniture, wrap individual parts and secure screws and moving parts with careful precision. Our team can lift heavy furniture with effortless ease and skillfully manoeuvre them to the transit truck.

Door to door service

We help you enjoy a seamless moving experience, and our duty doesn’t stop once we deliver your valuables to your move destination. We unpack your valuables, organise and arrange them, as per your directions. Our team lets you get acclimated to the new environment, while doing the groundwork efficiently.

Customer reviews

No more changing movers for me after I found TopGun! These guys are the best and most professional in their business as far as I am concerned. There is no confusion about the payments or rates, the schedules are always maintained and the movers themselves speak politely and are neatly dressed. I didn’t see any of these traits in the numerous companies I have used in the past few years. This company handled my 3-bedroom move like a boss and I am only too happy to add my words to their long list of recommendations.

Jerome, Sunbury VIC
(Sunbury VIC to 3350 Ballarat, Dec 2020)

What was going to be very stressful for me - my first big move on my own, and downsizing as well but topgun were amazing. I can't thank them enough. They were so careful and helpful and I couldn’t find a reason to be worried. These guys really live up to there slogan “Make The Right Move” very impressive Many, many thanks!

Oscar, Melton West VIC
(Melton West VIC to Geelong VIC, Dec 2020)

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