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Efficient Apartment Removalists in Melbourne With An Assured Approach!

TopGun Movers is the best Apartment Removalists in Melbourne. Moving your apartment is more challenging, primarily if it is situated in a multi-storey building. There are stairs and tight ends to manoeuvre through while moving valuables and furniture. Our experienced team can manage things efficiently and ensure your complete peace of mind.

Whether you want to move your basic studio apartment or a 4-5 bedroom apartment, we extend the same attention and devise a customised plan to fit. We help with packing valuables, furniture removals, safe transit, unpacking, and arranging them in your new place. If you are looking for professional and trusted Apartment Removalists in Melbourne, then choosing TopGun movers as your moving partner will always give you exceptional outcomes.

We are 100% committed to providing you with the best professional and affordable apartment movers in Melbourne. If you are looking for an affordable apartment removalist in Melbourne, please contact TopGun Movers on 1300 214 396 and get free quotes.

Professional and Trusted Apartment Removalists in Melbourne

TopGun Movers, the best apartment movers in Melbourne, take charge and let you relax!

Depending on your requirements, we arrive with all the necessary tools and equipment to shift heavy furniture and fixtures through narrow access ways.

  1. We pack your valuables with care. A week in advance or the day of the move, we let you decide the pace.
  2. We dismantle large furniture, wrap up individual parts and skillfully move them to the truck without damaging the items or the premises.
  3. We shift all valuables to the moving truck, either through lifts, stairs or trolleys.
  4. We optimise space in the truck and securely arrange the items to withstand rough road conditions and shocks.
  5. We unload, unpack boxes, assemble the dismantled furniture and arrange things as per your specifications.
  6. Our team includes highly experienced movers and removalists. Who are always ready to provide you with the best moving outcomes.
  7. Our team is highly trained and contains specialised knowledge in handling your belonging safely without any damage.
  8. With our custom packing, we use the highest quality material to ensure that your belongings will be delivered safely, without any damage or harm.
  9. Our team will always reach on-time and provide you with on-time shifting to ensure that you will never delay your schedule.
  10. All your belongings are adequately insured to ensure that your products are in safe hands and provide you with the best outcomes.
Want hassle-free and effortless apartment removalists in Melbourne to get faster-moving outcomes? If yes, TopGun Movers offers you an incredible range of the best apartment movers in Melbourne. Visit our website today.

Apartment removals – We assure a Hassle free and happy experience!

Specialised knowledge

Our team has years of experience and an array of skills. They are well equipped to accommodate all your moving needs, and can skillfully handle all moving equipment and tackles. We devise specialised moving plans to suit the nature of your valuables.


We have public liability and transit insurance in place, and ensure your complete peace of mind. Though we offer the highest quality of service, we are aware that accidents beyond our control might happen. We can guide you on perfect insurance options to cover your prized possessions during the move.

Piano/Pool table removals

Our team has years of experience in moving heavy, yet, fragile items like pianos. We perfectly understand that one wrong move can damage them. We handle them gently and with minimal jolts, and ensure that they are properly cushioned during the move and transit. If dismantling is involved, all individual parts are wrapped up with soft moving blankets.


If your new place is not yet ready to occupy, we can deliver your prized possessions to our warehouse at your place of preference. We can then customise a re-delivery plan to deliver them to your destination. If you have signed up for a door to door delivery plan, we will unload, unpack and arrange your valuables, once they are delivered from storage.

Custom packing

We understand that one plan doesn’t suit all removals. So, we devise a step by step moving plan based on the nature of your possessions, and source custom packing solutions and supplies to fit. Our team is well trained in all nuances of packing. They know the tips and tricks to ensure that none of your prized possessions get damaged or chipped during the move. We can work around your schedule and timelines. Total flexibility guaranteed!

Door to door service

When you entrust your move to us, we offer you stress free removals. From packing, transportation and unpacking them in your new abode, we are with you every step of the way. Our expert team offers a seamless move with a friendly demeanor. They understand how stressful a move is, and handle the move in an assured way to make you feel at ease!

Customer reviews

Our experience with Topgun Movers is what customers are looking for. It\'s not just the most economical to hire but also a stress-free process when moving. They take the time to understand your needs and deliver the best experience in town.

Rupert Murdochs, Victoria
(Victoria to New South Wales, Oct 2021)

If you are looking out to Book Interstate Removalists Queensland to Victoria, then do not forget to get a quote from this company. They are truly professional and offer the best removalist service in town.

Kristeen Turinetti, Melbourne VIC
(Melbourne VIC to Adelaide SA, Sep 2021)

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