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Piano Removalists

Pianos are beautiful pieces of art and bring in a perfect symphony to your hearts. They are delicate, carry an emotional worth, highly valuable and are an integral part of your home. When life throws relocation your way, TopGun Movers understands the concern you might feel about moving your piano to your new abode.

Don’t think pianos are easy to move at they have wheels! Pianos are heavy, and one wrong step will irrevocably damage your piano. Our team is well equipped to handle any kind of piano removals. Upright piano, grand piano or electric piano, they know the right technique to move them efficiently and at competitive rates.

How we accomplish piano removals?

Our piano move service plan is devised based on the type of piano to be moved. Few types of pianos can be moved as such, while others might need dismantling. Based on the requirements, we arrive at your door with necessary tools and piano boards with straps and blankets.

Secured move

If Pianos are to be moved from upstairs, we use planks and dollys to manoeuvre them down the stairs.

Carefully move

We carefully load them in our truck and ensure that the piano is protected against sudden bumps or rough road conditions.


We cover your piano keys with adequate padding and protect the edges with heavy duty plastic wraps. A few soft blankets are placed on top to give extra protection.


We unload them and place them in your desired place in your new abode, provided the new premises has proper access to take in the piano. If we are unable to, we will leave it outside or arrange for interim storage on request.


If dismantling, we pack every part including wheels, with bubble wraps and blankets.

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