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Relocating your home can be a huge and challenging job if you intend to relocate interstate in Australia. Traveling a long distance with all your stuff packed in a truck can prove to be frustrating. By hiring the best house removalists Melbourne, you can ensure that your moving is performed in a professional, hassle free manner. A trained house removalist always ensures that your belongings move to your novel place securely and with comfort; they employ highly advanced pieces of equipment.

Once you finally make the decision to move, you will need to call a professional house removalist for this daunting task. The transit of all the heavy objects like furniture cannot be something you can attempt on your own, for this can harm your prized belongings if not executed in the right fashion. Therefore, hiring a professional and skilled removalist company can not only help in the move but also save the cost that might otherwise bear for renting professional moving equipment.

Types of equipment removalists use during a move

Whether you are relocating to a huge place in the suburbs or an urban apartment in Sydney, you may certainly face difficulties; every relocation comes with its own set of challenges. There are certain difficulties that only a professional removalists company can determine with its efficient skills and equipment.

Mentioned here are some common types of equipment and supplies that a removalist company makes use of for a hassle-free move:

1. Two-Wheel Trolley

A two-wheeler trolley is also regarded as a refrigerator trolley, and it is used to easily move your fridge and other bulky equipment during the move. Expert movers take advantage of each equilateral inch of a two-wheel trolley to carry book racks, chests, armoires, machines and dryers, toy cabinets, and piles of cartons.

When handled by experts, a two-wheel trolley is the easiest way of relocating huge, bulky, or heavy objects through a doorway and loading them in the truck.

2. Four-wheel trolley

Four-wheel trolleys can be utilized to relocate all sorts of fittings as well as cartons. However, they are generally employed for objects that are too big to be carried on a two-wheel trolley. They are the most helpful when there is a long distance to cover, or when there is the use of elevators.

3. Crane straps

Sometimes there are certain objects during a move that may be too large to fit through a doorway or the stairway; a huge closet or mattress, or maybe your favorite couch. In all such cases, professional house removalists can advise you on how to move all this bulky stuff through a window. They can easily manage this task with the help of crane straps. A crane strap provides great hold and support to an object while moving through a window. Cane straps are mostly used by furniture removalists, as they do all the heavy lifting.

4. Ramps

A ramp is a most common and effective tool used by a removalist company. These ramps come in a variety of sizes and make it convenient for the removalists to easily put trolleys in the truck. Removalists adjust these ramps in front of the truck or beneath the trails in order to make the trolley move effortlessly onto or off the truck. Moving large trolleys packed with heavy-weight stuff can be difficult, especially in the case of stairs, porch, and curbs.

5. Pallet jack

A pallet jack is a tool that resembles an elevator, and it can also be loosely termed as a mini portable elevator. The pads of these pallet jacks can be elevated and grounded to relocate objects securely in and out of the truck. These Pallet jacks are usually employed by professional removalists for notably bulky objects, like solid wood furniture, heavy machinery, and other similar things.

6. Piano board

A piano board comes in use only when you hold a piano. This equipment creates a soft bed like support for almost all kinds of pianos, as carrying a piano on wheels or trolleys is not a good idea. The legs of the piano table can get stuck in it, causing damage.


Many people prefer dissembling their furniture during the move. However, if you are also one who prefers this, then it is advisable to speak to your house removalists company since many companies charge extra cost for this assistance. If that’s something you don’t want to deal with, moving corporations do have their personal tools for disassembling fittings. You just have to inform your house removalist company Melbourne beforehand.

1. Furniture covers

Expert movers hold an absolute interest in keeping your possessions secure and evading any kind of damage. Hence, most of the removalists come in handy with an abundance of covers and rugs to pack your furniture securely along with the other items that require equivalent protection. These furniture covers can further be used to pack frames of the door, stair banisters and much more.

2. Shoulders trolley moving band

These shoulder trolley moving bands are long woven materials in nylon fabric, fashioned as a harness to be worn around the forearms of the removalist, while carrying heavy objects. This piece of equipment makes it easy to lift those bulky items like furniture, refrigerators, washing machine, cabinets and all such similar items.

3. Transportation Trucks

Last, yet the most important equipment in a relocation process is the transportation truck. A professional house removalist will always hold a fleet of diverse trucks that make the move much easier. These moving trucks are further equipped with all the above-mentioned equipment and packing material accompanied by skilled experts who will help you at every stage of your move.

Checklist for equipments and supplies during a move

Planning and preparing for your move can become a daunting task if you are not organised. Hence it is advised to plan your move well in advance to subdue all that last-minute run. You can also hire house removalists who can assist you with your move. Mentioned below is a checklist of the required moving supplies and items that you will require at every stage of your move.

Packing supplies checklist:

  • Cardboard cartons
  • Bubble wrap
  • Stuffing paper
  • Moving rugs or furniture stuffing
  • Stuffed wrapping paper
  • Spread synthetic wrap
  • Masking tape and a tape dispenser
  • Lasting marker pens for labeling items
  • Trash bags
  • Ziplock pouches
  • Cushion bags
  • Dish package
  • Garments cartons

House Moving Checklist

Apart from making a checklist for required equipment and supplies, it is equally important to make a moving checklist that covers the minutest detail to assist you through the move. You can take a print-out of the checklists mentioned below to assure that you do not forget anything during the entire relocation process. Even though the professional removalists do the heavy part of your moving, you must remain alert and mindful of all the factors of your move.

6 weeks before the move

  • Wipe out the backyard shed, garden and rooftop drains
  • Hold a record of the emails you receive and inform them regarding the address change.
  • Cut down on the supplies of perishable or frozen foods.
  • Create a checklist of all the things you need to pack for your move.
  • Spend some time with your relatives and friends and inform them about your move.
  • Take a look at all the necessary objects and sell or donate the ones that you do not require.
  • Inform your childrens’ school and perform any required transportation arrangements.

4 weeks before your move

  • Inform your local banks, insurance companies, attorney, local council along with your accountant regarding the change of your address.
  • If you are not planning to take your vehicle along, arrange for its sale.
  • Start keeping all the important documents aside like your medical insurance, bank papers, your child’s school records and all such essential papers.
  • If you are living in a rented place, inform your landlord about the move.
  • If you have pets, arrange for their transportation.

1 week before your move

  • You must notify your post office to redirect your mails.
  • Alter your address on permit and certification for vehicles.
  • Inform the tax office.
  • Settle all your utility statements including disconnection at your old address.
  • Validate new contact numbers and address.
  • If you have given anything for repair or laundry, do not forget to collect it.
  • Withdraw your deliveries of milk, newspaper etc.
  • Give back all your rentals; that can include books, DVDs etc.
  • Cancel all your home delivery assistance and subscriptions.

1 day before your move

  • Empty your refrigerator and defrost it.
  • Call off all your domestic assistance like cleaning and lawn mowing.
  • Get rid of all unwanted medicines and other stuff which you do not require.
  • Clear trash bins and empty out the parking.
  • Clear out all the fuels and flammables from all your machinery.
  • Ensure that all your utility meters are properly read.

On the day of your move

  • Do not forget to take all the necessary documents with you
  • Ensure that your removalists arrive on time with all the necessary equipment and supplies
  • Turn off all the lights, taps and switches before moving.
  • Check all the cabinets and drawers for one last time to confirm that nothing is left behind.

Hire the best moving house Melbourne removalists

Picking the wrong house removalist company can further make your moving experience worse. If you are also confused about choosing the best removalists, Melbourne for your move then you must undeniably pick Topgun Movers. Topgun Movers is a leading name in the removalist industry for all your relocating requirements. The team at Topgun Movers hold unmatchable expertise along with the latest and most advanced equipment to make your move a pleasurable experience. Another most suitable reason to pick Topgun mover is their economical rates. They are well renowned for providing quality assistance at the most affordable rates. With more than 10 years of experience in the removalist industry, they come with their own set of checklists to make sure there is no delay in your move and also no damage to your prized possessions.

The Bottom Line

Moving and relocating to a new place can be fun and challenging at the same time. However, you can easily overcome the challenges with proper planning and assistance of professional removalists who can guide you at all the stages of your move. It is very important to hire a good house removalists company that is equipped with the latest equipment and supplies for a hassle-free move. Apart from this, you can take into account the detailed checklist mentioned above that will help you in planning at every step of your move.


What do movers use to move boxes?

Boxes and cartons are something that should be abundant while you pack for your move. All your fragile household items like lamps, crockery, decorative stuff, expensive paintings and much more are packed in boxes. Hence, It is very important to handle all these boxes with due care. Movers make use of various types of equipment for moving your box depending upon its size. If your boxes are heavy, movers prefer to use a four-wheel trolley, and if the load is light in weight they use a two-wheel trolley or a ramp.

What supplies are needed for moving?

There are plenty of supplies that you are going to require for your move. Not using proper packing supplies can get your goods damaged during the transit. Some of the most essential supplies that are needed during the move are packing cartons, masking tape, marker pens, bubble wrap, packing papers, cardboard boxes, furniture pads and numerous more equipment. These are the kind of supplies you can use on your own, without the help of professional removalists.

What are the tools used for moving heavy furniture?

Heavy furniture demands for special equipment during the move. While lightweight stuff can be easily carried, bulky furniture requires equipment like pallet jacks, crane strap or a shoulder trolley moving band to carry and lift heavy weight easily. Hiring correct and more importantly professional furniture removalists can make your move much easier on you.

How much does it cost to have movers move furniture?

The cost of moving furniture by hiring professional furniture removalists diversifies based on various factors like the kind of assistance you require, the amount of furniture to be moved, the distance travelled, number of removalists involved in the move and many other factors. Although a mediocre amount can range between $70 to $400 and can go as high as $600, there are no set charges as the companies modify and tailor their plans as per the client’s requirements. The higher assistance you need, the greater will be the price.