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Moving can be a stressful process for anyone, with a lot of chaotic things happening on the shifting day, though hiring the best house removalists company in Melbourne can be of great help.

But you may be unaware that it is equally stressful for your pets too. Moving with pets to your dream home can turn into a nightmare if not planned perfectly.

Before buying a house, it is better to check whether the new neighbourhood is safe by walking around with your pet.

Observe whether there are any dogs that seem aggressive or are unattended by their owners. 

It is not easy for your pets to adjust to a new environment, especially with all the boxes lying about, people moving around, and unusual activities taking place.

To help you cope with the situation, we have come up with some tips to make the experience more pleasant for your pets and yourself. 

Tips that can make moving with pets more pleasant

These tips will make moving with your pets easier:

  1. Get in touch with your vet: If you are shifting to a new area, visit your vet and request him to recommend a vet in your new location. Ask for your pet’s records, and get some prescription medicines you can take along while moving.

  2. Pack some essentials for the first days: Another practical step to take is to pack separately food, toys, grooming tools, and other items that your pet may need for the first few days after moving. All these items need to be packed into a box that is easily accessible anytime you need.

  3. Keep your pets in a quiet place: At such times, it is always better to leave your pets with a friend or a kennel till the moving is complete. 

    However, if you do not want that, then the next best thing you could do to decrease their stress would be is not to involve them in the moving day’s chaotic activities. 

    It would be better to keep them locked in a room on another floor or in your vehicle. Ensure that the temperature is comfortable for them, keep tabs on them regularly, and give food and water at their regular time. 

    You could even take them for their usual walks to keep them in their comfort zone and make things feel normal.

  4. Use your vehicle to move your pet: It is better to carry your pets in your own vehicle. A carrier secured with a seat belt in the back seat would be ideal for your small cat or dog. 

    If you have a big dog, you can take it in a kennel in your car’s back. Covering the carrier with some cloth while driving would ensure your pet is not disturbed by the changing environment outside.

  5. Ensure your pets do not get lost: You need to be careful while moving your pet not to open the kennel until you reach the new home. Most pets are well-behaved, but it is always better to give them more time to adjust to new surroundings.

  6. Make your pet feel at home: Ensure that you move all your items to your new home before moving your pet. 

    Arrange most of the things in the room before introducing your pet to its new atmosphere. It is better to keep your pet secluded in another part of your home and give time to adjust to the new settings. 

    Keep your pet comfortable with familiar toys or other items and make it feel loved.

  7. Keep their info updated: Another essential thing to remember is to update your pet’s microchip or tag information as per your new address and phone number. 

    Doing this will ensure that even if your pet gets lost, the person finding it can scan the microchip and contact you using the information.

  8. When moving with birds: Pet birds usually do not fly away from their homes. But, a change in environment could make them nervous and may make them fly off somewhere. 

    Keeping your parrot or pigeon in their cages while moving to your new home would always be better.

  9. When moving with your guinea pigs: Like other pets, guinea pigs are also sensitive to changes around them. Keep them in a small, warm carrier to soothe them and make them feel safe and comfortable.

  10. Moving with your fish: LIke other pets, fish are also known to react to changes and get stressed. If you have fish in your home and are moving only a short distance away, you can transport them in bags filled with their old tank water. 

    Your local aquarium store can help you in this regard. But, if you are moving over a long distance, it would be best to give them to a friend or relative, thus providing them with a new home. After your moving process is complete, you can buy new fish for your tank.

Taking these precautions will guarantee that moving with pets, be it your dog, cat, or fish, will be a more pleasant experience. It will ensure that they will adjust to the new surroundings easily and feel at home.