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Are you looking to store furniture? There may be a gap during a house move, and you may need to keep your furniture. Some of you might have booked the best house removalist company in Melbourne, but some of you might still be struggling to plan the right move. Whatever your reason may be, storing furniture is no child play. If it is not stored correctly, it will give in to dust, moisture, and termites. So, what is the right way to keep them?

Here we have some tips and tricks to help your furniture live a longer life. 

  • Deciding where to store your furniture 

To decide where you should store furniture, you need to consider two factors: storage duration and the space required. You can keep them either in your housing unit (an empty garage, loft, basement, or a spare room) or look for external storage units near you. Make sure the storage units are secure, clean, accessible, and climate-controlled. Over the long haul, protection from moisture and changing weather and climate conditions is paramount. 

  • Analyzing how much space is required to store the furniture

Choose the right size of storage space to store furniture so you don’t damage your furniture by cramming too much into a small space. You do not want to break something valuable by shoving too many furniture units into your storage space. Start by packing the largest pieces first and working in boxes and small items at the end. Make sure there is an aisle to access all areas to the back of your storage unit. 

  • Clean your furniture 

You should thoroughly clean it before you store furniture away, as it will help increase its lifespan, and you won’t have to deal with it once you want to use the furniture back at your house or office space. Damp or molded furniture will not survive long, so it must be stored clean and dry. It is also advisable to get your wooden furniture treated in case it has woodworm or other infestations. 

  • Dismantle your furniture

Disassemble anything you can to reduce the chances of breaking or scratching anything. You should store the screws in a plastic bag and tape them firmly to a relevant part of the furniture. You can also draw arrows or little notes in pencil on the furniture or on a piece of paper to remind yourself later of how to reassemble it. Economize on space when you store furniture by keeping smaller items inside desk drawers, which provides smaller items with extra protection.  

  • Wrap your furniture

Make sure you wrap your sofas and stools with a suitable material. Thick plastic sheeting on the floor will prevent moisture from the bottom from seeping into your furniture. You can use old sheets or blankets to loosely wrap and cover the pieces and protect them from dust and moisture. Wrapping furniture with thick plastic covers will seal in moisture, making the furniture swell. Therefore, choose the right fabric for your furniture type.

  • Remember to keep furniture off the ground

Use pallets or cinder blocks, a layer of cardboard, a tarp, or a drop cloth to avoid putting furniture pieces or anything that could be ruined directly on the floor. This also serves to keep wooden objects away from the ground, which may get moist or have elements that can harm them. Keeping furniture off the ground will also make sure there is less dust for you to deal with when you assemble them later. 

  • Protect glass items 

Glass tabletops and mirrors require some extra precautions, so you should first wrap them with packing paper as you store furniture. You should not tape the paper directly to the glass; it will leave a nasty residue for you to clean later. Then cover the glass in bubble wrap or put the entire item into a box for some extra security. This keeps them protected from dirt, grime, and above all, damage from a fall. 

  • Do not leave any food behind

Remember to not leave any crumbs or food/water in the storage unit. It may attract bugs or unwanted critters. This advice also extends to any cardboard storage boxes you use. Do not use anything that previously came from a grocery store or maybe spoiled in any way. Though external storage facilities are regularly treated with pest control, you should be more careful when you store furniture.

Furniture can last for many decades if properly taken care of. Be it a priceless family heirloom or an inexpensive Ikea set, The risk of damage is much higher when storing furniture for the longer term. But now, you can store furniture efficiently for days, weeks, months, or years with these tips and tricks to keep your furniture in the best of shape. 

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